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Coriolanus by William Shakespeare is an epic tragedy that explores themes of politics, pride, honor and betrayal. Composed between 1605 and 1608, the play is based on the life of the legendary Roman hero Gnaeus Marcius Coriolanus and offers a penetrating look at human nature and society.

The plot revolves around Coriolanus, a valiant Roman general, whose skill in war is counterbalanced by his pride and his aversion to the plebs. His relationship with the populace is complex, and his inability to hide his contempt for the masses leads to him being exiled from Rome. In a move of anger and revenge, Coriolanus teams up with his sworn enemies to lead an attack against the city that exiled him.

Shakespeare explores the psychology of Coriolanus, offering an intricate portrayal of a tragic hero. His rigid honesty and unshakable sense of justice clash with the ruthless politics of ancient Rome, leading him on the road to ruin. His relationship with his mother, in particular, highlights the conflict between duty to country and family ties.

Shakespeare’s eloquent language emerges through lively dialogues and intense monologues, enriching the narrative with emotion and depth. Coriolanus stands out for his insightful analysis of politics and human psychology, offering a critical look at the nature of power and its interaction with individual pride.

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