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We know for sure that the best books are obtained when writers know they are entrusting them to those who will be able to enhance them.

Noèmi Leclair


French artist always passionate about art, drawing and painting. Graduated with honors from the academy. He participated in various exhibitions and his paintings were acclaimed by a wide audience.

Joseph V. McCaughey


He is a writer, entrepreneur and motivational coach. He undertook humanities studies and psychologists. Always interested in human behavior and the psychological processes behind decisions. At the age of 55 he wrote his first essay entitled "you can drive the waves" dealing with numerous issues that were the subject of his studies and his observations and reflections. In his free time he dedicates himself to activities that help him to regenerate the mind such as painting and long bike rides in the woods.

Susan Jennifer Scott


She was born in Victoria, Canada, and is a keen birdwatcher who writes books on birdwatching and personal growth. As a motivational figure he has participated in several conferences and masterclasses on how to achieve their goals and achieve good results. These concepts are well presented in his writings.

Danilo Gemma


Danilo Gemma is an Italian pianist and composer. He studied piano and composition at the conservatory and participated in numerous musical projects with the Naucrates Music publishing and record label. He began his career as a classical pianist by distributing two classical music albums with Naucrates Music: Piano sonata n. 8 in C minor, op. 13 by Ludwing Van Beethoven and Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky and then dedicated himself to composing pieces for piano of new age and pop music.

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