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Between the pages and challenge of Self Publishing – Ebook

Between the pages and challenge of Self Publishing – Ebook



Are you ready to embark on the self-publishing path? Before embarking on the exciting journey of self-publishing, it is essential to understand the challenges hidden behind the promises of success.

Among the pages and challenges of Self Publishing: Practical guide in 10 steps to successfully tackle your publishing adventure is the essential guide that accompanies you through the critical steps before starting this adventure.

Bestselling self-help author Joseph V. McCaughey reveals 10 vital tips for successfully starting your self-publishing business. Through 180 pages of wisdom and practical advice, you will learn to navigate the pitfalls and take full advantage of the opportunities that self-publishing offers.

Before you take the next step on your self-publishing journey, ask yourself: Do you really know all the pitfalls? Are you set up for long-term success? Are you ready to take the first step towards editorial success and turn challenges into opportunities? Discover in this book everything you need for a successful start.

Key benefits for you:

  • Gain an in-depth perspective on self-publishing.
  • Reveal the secrets to overcoming initial obstacles.
  • Learn from common rookie mistakes.
  • Get practical advice from an industry expert.
  • Set the stage for long-term success in self-publishing.
  • Discover specific tips for overcoming initial obstacles.
  • Get a complete guide to successfully start your self-publishing business.

Ready to take the next step? Buy now and start your journey into the world of self publishing!

Joseph V. McCaughey

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